About Nour Ibrahim


As a human rights advocate I believe that we all are global citizens and every one of us can be the change to create a better world. Love, compassion and solidarity are my main values; therefore I did my studies in human development, education and multiculturalism.

In my mind, Silk Road means the magical trip, and the mysterious path that connected the East with the West. Where cities became magnificent cultural centers, which colored the world and  gave it a special oriental perfume.


My story started from Damascus 10 years ago, to an unknown stop on the Silk Road, that is Romania. At that time I thought I would write my own story, but the fast and dramatic changes in the world created new roads. The smell of oriental aromas was mixed with blood and suffering. So I became Scheherazade and started to tell stories of people who are searching for peace, wishing that their stories plant the seeds for peace. I believe that stories are much better than statistics.

In 2008 I started my PHD thesis on education in different cultural environments at the University of Bucharest and at that time I had my first contact with refugee children. I did volunteer work to help them heal through music, languages and art.

In 2014 I started working for the Romanian National Council for Refugees, as a social counselor under the UNHR project for refugees integration in Romania. I noticed that the refugee women were abandoned and isolated, so I started the initiative of gender equality session with refugee women in Bucharest. The session focused on discussing their issues, offering support and social and legal counseling to bring them closer to the Romanian society. The women responded positively and the sessions became a part of the annual project until present day. The number of women assisted reached 300.

Every time I see their eyes glowing when they talk about their dreams to work and study I realize that I’m doing the right thing and I want to dedicate my time and creativity to help their dreams come true.

In 2016 I decided to found Seeds for Peace organization in order to empower refugee women living in Romania. As a woman I want every other woman to be free to live and love, to be confident to reach her ultimate goals in life, to be nourished so she can shine beauty to the whole world.