About Seeds for Peace


“Seeds for peace“ is a non-profit organization, established on April 2016, aiming to empower refugee women in Romania.

We believe that our thoughts create our reality, and the global peace starts form our inner peace. Therefore we focus on helping women who survived war, to start a new life, by creating opportunities for a better present, and planting seeds for a peaceful future.


I. To contribute in creating a better world and work in strengthening dialogue for peace.

II. To contribute in saving the human heritage by implementing intercultural projects.

III. To promote women rights and gender equality.

IV. To empower women who survived war, to reach their full potential by developing their skills and competences, and creating new learning opportunities.

V. To inspire refugee women to be active in their host countries, to share their experiences, to create networks and to become examples of creative innovation and success.

VI. To engage men in fighting, supporting and promoting women and their empowerment; at the same time, encourage them to participate in gender equality activities.

VII. To lower the high rate of violence against women and gender discrimination.

VIII. To combat hate speech against refugee women, racism, discrimination, honor killing and female genital mutilation (FGM).



A world where every woman has a peaceful and empowering way of living, and where every culture is protected and nourished.



  • DO GOOD: Every small good deed becomes a habit that creates a better present moment and a promising future.

  • BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER: there are no gaps among cultures, bridges are already built and waiting to be crossed.

  • PLANT SEEDS FOR PEACE:  global peace starts from our own inner peace; people who witnessed the war have the power to transform themselves and the environment and plant the seeds for global peace and harmony.