I. Threads of wisdom


“Threads of wisdom” project aims to empower refugee women and preserve the ancient wisdom at the same time.


As a symbolic “thread”, the Silk Road represents a vast potential for humanity. Two thirds of the world’s population currently lives along the Silk Road, which extends from Europe through China into the South Pacific.

In ancient times, this was an affluent road for merchants that have contributed to the majority of the wealth and cultural heritage of the modern world. Unfortunately, this same road is now being used by refugees to flee their homes due to the current geopolitical and economic crisis in many of their countries.

Upon arrival after displacement, refugees are often seen in a very negative way. This is the reason why we strive to shift the current perception, so that these people can be a welcomed and integrated resource of positive contribution in their new communities.

http://threadsofwisdomproject.org is the main / international project. 




Offer the refugee women the opportunity to enroll in a sewing  training course in a Romanian vocational school; in this way, they can get a diploma recognized by the Minister of Labor and the Ministry of Education. This qualification and its certificate will enable them to integrate in the Romanian labor market and shift their fixed mindset into a growth mindset, aspect that will plant the seeds for new ideas about socio-economic activities and entrepreneurship.

Have more practical sessions on sewing so that during the course, the women will get the chance to master their domain by sewing book covers; these covers will be donated to the Mongolian library, as to be  used to fold and save the ancient manuscripts. This will emphasize the concept of the intercultural connection.

Facilitate intercultural activities which bring together Romanian and refugee women, together with the support of local authorities for hosting them: multicultural cuisine, traditional music evenings, debates, reading jams etc.

Organize monthly meetings on women empowerment themes such as: inclusion, integration, legislations, personal and professional needs, answer questions etc.

Offer direct materials or financial support to vulnerable cases (medicine, clothes, food etc.).




The project focuses on inclusion and intercultural connection. All the activities were done before and were focused on offering direct help to the target group. “Threads of wisdom“ sees the mutual benefits for both the target group and the receiving host society as well as for the humanity as a whole.

Most of refugees come from Syria, the country of the ancient civilization, which is considered, according to UNESCO, as a human heritage. During the war, most of this heritage was destroyed, and caused a significant loss for humanity.

We don’t want this to happen anymore… to any civilization on earth. We believe that to receive what we want, we must offer help to others. This is why, through our initiative, we help in saving the ancient manuscripts in Mongolia and Nepal - sewing book covers to fold and save these manuscripts.

The book covers will be done by refugee women during the course, and will be donated to libraries that need them.



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See in our gallery the working atmosphere during the sewing course, it was really a precious time. 

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