Follow up 2 Threads of wisdom: 1000 book covers sewed by refugee women, were donated to save 1000 manuscript Nepal and Mongolia

1000 book covers sewed by refugee women, were donated to save 1000 manuscript Nepal and Mongolia

The intercultural connection is one of the most important values for Threads of Wisdom; we believe that what unites is much more important than what separate us, and all over the world we are all connected by the invisible threads, no barriers, no divisions, and only wisdom can overcome war.

Most of refugees come from Syria, the country of the ancient civilization, which is considered according to UNESCO as a human heritage, that was extremely affected during the war and caused a loss for humanity.

We don’t want this to happen to any civilization, and as we believe that to get what we want we must give it to others we want to help saving the human heritage wherever it exist.

During the project period, we explained to the women the project’s values and vision, we invited them to contribute to save the ancient wisdom and they were extremely helpful and wanted to contribute to save the ancient books, so they offered their time and effort to sew the book covers to be donated to the national library in Mongolia and Nepal in order to save 1000 ancient manuscripts.

Sewing the book covers brought many benefits to the women’s practice on using the sewing machines and in the same time saved 1000 ancient manuscript.

This added a cultural, global value to the project and made a huge step on bringing people together and simply we can say :

  • The women practiced the sewing, weekly after the classes; they needed this practice to make their performance on the sewing machines faster and more efficient.


  • The idea of helping another culture, brought to the light a very important aspect of empowering, and the project wanted to focus on the power of the women, and break the cycle of victimization as a war survivor as the woman who can help to save a book can create the life she dreams of.


  • We bought the needed material from Bucharest, from a Syrian refugee who has a textile shop and we were so happy to help his business by buying 1000 meters of orange material and 40 meters of the red material, additional to the threads.


The first cycle of the project was beyond expectations, life changing and a step on peace planting, seeds for peace were planted by the refugee women, and for sure we harvest what we sow, hoping to make the world a better place for all.




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