Follow up 1 Threads of wisdom: Success stories, life changing experience

Threads of wisdom changed the lives of the first group of women. The huge difference between the first day at the course and the last day shows us the impact the project had on their lives. During the course all women showed their desire to work, they reconnected with their dreams, some of them wanted to continue a fashion design courses, some others want to start working and expressing their creativity. The main objective for the project is to provide women with a tool to reach economic independence and self-sufficiency.

During the course and after they received their diploma we kept a monthly reflections meeting with the women, in order to reflect on the experience and to help them set the plan for what is next. Most of them showed their desire to find a job, to support their families in order to have a better life in Romania.

As a project manager, I took this need into consideration and I started to search and now I am happy enough to tell you that it took a very short time to find two wonderful employers who were very open minded and motivated to integrate refugee women into their business.

“this is my first paid legal job ever”

In June we managed to hire Fatima in Trade Media company in Bucharest, that moment was a turning point that changed her life, I remember when she called me first time she got her first salary and I cannot express her happiness telling me “this is my first paid legal job ever” her voice was mixed with emotions and tears. Now six months passed and Fatima became a part of the team in Trade Media, they like her performance and she likes her new family, the most important is the change happened inside her heart and outside reflecting in her independence and self-esteem. And that is one of the project objectives, to help the women achieving inner outer peaceful state of mind and heart.


"I learn fast and that’s what I wanted to do since long time"

In December 2017 the project managed to hire the second lady Bushra, who wanted to support her husband sustain their family, as they have three young children. She joined the project as she always wanted to learn sewing and to get a certificate, I remember when she came to the first selection interview, she was so motivated and said: "I learn fast and that’s what I wanted to do since long time".

After the end of the course Bushra expressed her desire to have a job, and asked for the project’s help. In November-December we managed to hire Bushra to work full time, with legal working contract.  The same as Fatima, Bushra’s life changed since she started to work; now she is more self-confident, helping her husband to sustain the family and the most important thing is that she is doing something that she loves.



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